• sigma profile air end
    Rotary Screw Compressors More air, more Savings....
  • El-Haggar Reciprocating
    El-Haggar Reciprocating Compresor Economical and Heavey Duty
  • Camozzi Penumatic Systems
    Movement, Valves, Fittings and accessories
  • N2R Nitrogen Generators Reliable and Safe
    Our New Line Of Nitrogen Generators is the referance
    benchmark for nitrogen manufacturer on the market

El Haggar is the best the biggest Compressed air solutions Company in Egypt.

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Our Products

Rotary Screw Compressors

Kaeser German screw compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

Italian/Egyptian reciprocating compressors

Pneumatic Components

Camozzi Italian compressed air accessories

Fluids & process control

About Valbia Actuators.

Sand Blasting

C.B italian sand blasting tools

Nitrogen Generators

Italian N2R nitrogen generators

and more...

With more than 30 years of experience, El Haggar Company is the leading manufacturer and provider of compressed air systems using our comprehensive range of compressed air products.
El Haggar after sales service agreement will ensure that your compressed air supply system provides maximum reliability

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